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If you have decided to learn something new in the world of technology and your choice fell on the differences between React and ReactJS, then this article is for you. You will read the most popular questions about these technologies.

So, read, it will be educational!

What are React and ReactJS?

React is not a framework. React is a simple library and you need to make all choices by oneself. It concentrates on supporting you to create user interfaces using elements. It should be understood that React is thin and it’s extremely easy to mix it with other libraries. Many people claim that this library is used by many developers all over the globe. Nowadays, famous companies such as Instagram, Facebook, and Netflix use react native development.

ReactJS is a library of JavaScript programming languages. The major benefit of this framework is used to build a high-intensity user communication for web apps.

To summarize this issue, React is a cool infrastructure that allows web developers to create foolproof mobile applications using their JavaScript knowledge.

Features of React

JSX within JS

This library with this technology is ordinary for developers to work with immediate results giving your efforts also more deserving rewarding.


To put it simply, React is powerful and elements do it more so. It must be remembered, it is the library that provides the seamless and effective structure of the whole web application but in parts. In reality, a component explains how a special code or a part of the page works. Moreover, elements have separated logic, various from every other element.

Props for using data

I’d like to notice that with props you can pass through your system data to a special element. You must know, this very much operates like a new being filled while JSX elements are passed a form of data. But it is important to pass the information from one element to the different move very easily.


React uses DOM, and it can be very fast. This virtual DOM gives React to know whenever overlooking a special interest or re-rendering is required. As everyone knows, speed is a member of the fundamental features of great user experience.

Features of ReactJS

I hope this info will be very useful for you if you want to become a front end developer.


Research has found that instead of using JavaScript, you use JSX. It is an elementary JavaScript that provides HTML.

React Native            

You will notice that React has original libraries. It employs similar basic producing blocks as typical iOS and Android.

The single-way flow of data

In the framework, a kind of fixed value is passed to the elements committer as qualities in its tags. Nevertheless, the elements cannot immediately change any qualities but can pass a callback function with the help which you can variate.

Differences between React and ReactJS

Of course, there are various associations between ReactJS and React, however, there are some important variations as well.

React            ReactJS
  React is not a framework. It is a simple library, to create interfaces using elements.ReactJS is a library, which allows the computer engineer to create attractive acting UI.
It uses DOM. This practical DOM makes React know whether overlooking a special piece or re-rendering is required.ReactJS applications are simple to test due to a great developer community.
You can use the React library as a web framework. It is good, especially great for single-page applications as well as the actual popular apps.ReactJS application is made up of various elements, and each component has its logic and limitations.
It is usually known for its JSX implementation in JavaScript.ReactJS is created in such a way that supports unidirectional data flow or one-way data binding.
Props help you pass through your system data to a particular element.This library is known to be a high performer.


Just to summarize the main points again. I tried to demonstrate the most important points, which can help you. As you can see, there are both strong and weak spots of these technologies. But it doesn’t mean that one technology is better than another. Of course, if you ask me what to choose? Everything depends on your skills and personal decision. Well, my personal feeling is ReactJS. It will be more stable, secure, more useful, and customized.

To draw to a close, I’d like to say that the choice is always yours.

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