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Crunchy Black is the moniker name of Darnell Carlton. He is an American rapper and promotion man with an expected net worth of $8 million of every 2023. He was likewise an individual from the Oscar-winning rap bunch “Three 6 Mafia” from the gathering’s development in 2006. The present post will enlighten you regarding Crunchy Black Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Level, Spouse, Family, Training, Vocation and some more.

Crunchy Black Bio | Wiki

Crunchy Black, otherwise called CB, Crunch, or Crunchy Mane, was brought into the world in Indiana in August 1974 and presently lives in Memphis, Tennessee. He is most popular for being an establishing individual from the Grammy Grant winning hip bounce bunch Three 6 Mafia from its origin until 2006.

Crunchy Black, who calls his dance style “G-Strolling,” claims that he initially did it at Club Memphis. Despite the fact that he didn’t make this dance, he viewed himself as a harbinger of the class in light of how well he made it happen.

Crunchy Black Net Worth 2023

Starting around 2022-2023, Crunchy Black has a net worth of about $8 million. At just 19 years old, Crunchy Black began his vocation. Alongside his companions, including Master Novelous, Koorsta Kinnassa, and others, he was an establishing individual from the rap bunch Three 6 Mafia.

They worked under the mark, Nurnot also. Their gifts were immediately built up when they won the Foundation Grant in 2006. Сrunсhу Вlасk іѕ presently а frее mаn, іnсаrсеrаtеd frоm аll thе сhаrgеѕ fіlеd towards hіm.

Не іѕ реrfоrmіng wіth thе rеіnсаrnаtеd grоuр Dа Маfіа 6іх. Despite the fact that a portion of the gathering’s individuals are as of now not alive, the gathering is excelling at transforming.

Crunchy Black Vocation

Crunchy Black began his vocation early in life of 19, turning into a fundamental individual from the rap bunch ‘Three 6 Mafia’. He was one of the organizers. He left the gathering following 13 years in 2006 to go it alone. Thus, the move caused a great deal of strain among the gathering individuals.

There were some monetarism issues also. The blend of this multitude of elements prompted Сrunсhу Вlасk being gone after on May 01 2012, when came him in thе face and leg. He was lucky to endure the homicide endeavor and return to his feet in a couple of days.

Regarding the music, three six understudies, mafia, brought back home the honor for the best unique tune, a staggeringly esteemed grant. A large number of them broke weighting diagrams collectively.

He delivered his independent collection, All alone, in 2006 in the wake of leaving the gathering. Numerous different collections followed, including ‘From me to you, and so on. A large portion of the collections positioned top ten on the Board Radio Collections graph.

In 2013, Сrunсhу Вlасk joined Batter Mafia 6, a resurrection of the Three Six Mafia. He has frequently disapproved of this regulation because of aggressive behavior at home, burglary of jars, and three crimes. Starting today, he is free.

Crunchy Black Age

The ongoing period of Crunchy Black is 48 years of age, brought into the world on August 01, 1974, in South Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, US, and has the zodiac indication of Leo. We will keep a record of his date of birth and told you his ongoing age the next year on the day he commends his birthday.

Crunchy Black Level and Weight

He stands 170 centimeters tall and weighs 66 kilograms. His level is 5 feet and 7 inches. Crunchy Black has an exceptional body style supplemented by fabulous level and body aspects.

Crunchy Black Relationship

He isn’t right now dating anyone and isn’t seeing someone. Crunchy Black isn’t associated with anyone. We know nothing about Crunchy Black’s earlier connections or whether he was recently locked in. As indicated by our data, Crunchy Black has no kids.

Crunchy Black Training

Crunchy Black has gotten excellent grades for his exhibition from adolescence. He began secondary school when he was 16 years of age. Crunchy Black got a Four year college education from a public US state foundation subsequent to completing secondary school.

Crunchy Black Unlawful Issue

In Spring of 2014, policing Minnesota confined Crunchy Black for two separate violations: one including homegrown maltreatment and the other including ownership of cocaine. Crunchy was arrested soon after an appointed authority in Minnesota’s Stearns District given three critical warrants for his capture. After TMZ let it be known about him, he was cleared and liberated.

Crunchy Black Online Entertainment

He is a rapper, brought into the world on August 20, 1974, is viewed as by a larger number of people to be the most unmistakable web-based entertainment character on the planet. Crunchy is the model of a big name who can really convince others.

Due to the big number of individuals that follow him via web-based entertainment destinations, he frequently shares a ton of individual pictures and recordings on such stages to speak with his broad fan base.

A more private touch and communication with his fans are empowered. You might keep looking down to see the data on his web-based entertainment stages.

FAQs With respect to Crunchy Black Net Worth

What Is The Time Of Crunchy Black?

Crunchy Black, who turned 48 years of age on August 20, 1974, was conceived.

Crunchy Black: Does It Still Alive?

He is as yet dynamic, and Spotify likewise has his collections open. A portion of his most popular collections are My Direction, From Me To You, and Cash Ain’t Nothing to Play With.

Where Could Crunchy Black Conceived have been?

Crunchy Black was brought into the world in Indiana, USA.

Which Nation Does Crunchy Black Come From?

Crunchy Black is American. He by and by lives in Memphis, Tennessee, in the US.

What Is The Heaviness Of Crunchy Black?

His weight is 66 kilograms.

What Is The Level Of Crunchy Black?

His level is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 centimeters).

What Is Crunchy Black’s Genuine Name?

Crunchy Black’s real name is Darnell Carlton.

The amount Is Crunchy Black Net Worth?

Crunchy Black Net Worth is $8 million out of 2023.

Brief Facts On Crunchy Black Net Worth 2023, Age, Profession, Weight, Height, Nationality, Birth Date and many more…

Crunchy Black Real NameDarnell Carlton
Crunchy Black Birth DateAugust 20, 1974
Crunchy Black Birth PlaceSouth Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee
Crunchy Black Age48 years old
Crunchy Black Weight66 kilograms
Crunchy Black Height5 feet and 7 inches
Crunchy Black ProfessionRapper
Crunchy Black NationalityAmerican
Crunchy Black Zodiac SignVirgo
Crunchy Black Net Worth$8 million


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