Read Time:5 Minute, 49 Second LAS VEGAS — Students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and community members described their terror and shock Wednesday after a person opened fire on campus and rattled the city, which is already home to the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Jose Lopez, an 18-year-old freshman, said he was watching YouTube videos on the fourth floor of the UNLV business school building when he heard shots ring out. He heard a loud boom, then another.

“I was scared and my legs started shaking,” Lopez said. He briefly “froze like a statue” before bolting away.

He ran to the third floor and hid in an academic advisory office, where he barricaded with other people. They all waited there until police came, pried open the doors with a crowbar and escorted the group to safety.

Connor Friedman, 20, a junior who is studying finance, recalled hearing what he believed to be construction noise. But then, after a few minutes, he realized somebody was firing a gun nearby.

“That’s when I started running,” Friedman said. “It didn’t even feel real at first. It felt like they were lying about the shooting.”

He said the reality of what happened is just beginning to sink in: “People died at my school, in my building, and I was there just a few minutes ago.”

In an interview with a TV news reporter at the scene, the mother of a student said her daughter was “hysterical” when she called with news of the shooting.

“She heard the gunshots, she heard the screaming,” the mother said.

At least three people were killed in the shooting, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Kevin McMahill said the number of victims could change and the extent of injuries were unknown. McMahill added there is no more threat to the community and that the suspect is dead.

The attack comes six years after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history took place in Las Vegas, during a country music festival in October 2017. Fifty-eight people were killed and hundreds more were wounded.

Relatives and friends of UNLV students lined up across the street from the campus as they waited for word about their loved ones.

Jayden Rol, 26, said his sister Nicole was safe and hiding in a closet somewhere on campus, waiting for police to arrive.

“You hear about shootings all the time,” he said, “and none of it makes sense.”

Jesus Medina, 28, said his wife, Stephanie, 26, who works in an administrative role in the English department, got an active shooter alert and hunkered down inside her building. He was anxious for her to be evacuated and described the panicked thoughts that raced through his head as he sped to campus to pick her up.

“Lord, please don’t let anything happen to my wife,” he said.

Deon J. Hampton reported from Las Vegas, Sarah Guevara from Washington and Daniel Arkin from New York Reported.

In another report from says: Las Vegas shooting: 3 killed at UNLV, suspect dead, police say

Three people were killed and one person was wounded in a shooting on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, campus Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Police said Wednesday evening that the suspect was killed by officers who rushed to the scene and that there was no ongoing threat to the community.

Sheriff Kevin McMahill of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said at a Wednesday evening news conference that the police know the identity of the suspect but will not release his name until the families of the victims are notified.

Two law enforcement sources told CBS News the gunman, who they described as a white male in his sixties, was a former college professor who had previously taught in Georgia and North Carolina.

McMahill had said earlier in the day that police did not know the suspect’s motive. 

The first call about the active shooter came at about 11:45 a.m. local time, after which metropolitan and university police immediately responded, shooting and killing the suspect outside of Beam Hall, McMahill said. The shooting originated on the fourth floor of the building.

In addition to the three people killed, one person was taken to an area hospital with a gunshot wound. The person was in stable condition, McMahill said. Four other people were hospitalized after suffering panic attacks. 

Two police officers received minor injuries while searching the campus’s rooms and buildings for more victims, McMahill said.

McMahill said that, during the attack, there was a gathering outside Beam Hall that included people eating and building Lego sets together. He said there could have been many more deaths if responding officers had not “raced to the campus” within minutes and engaged in armed contact.

“No student should have to fear pursuing their dreams on a college campus,” McMahill said, calling the incident “a heinous, unforgivable crime.”

Sunrise Hospital Trauma Center confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that it had received three patients from the shooting, according to trauma medical director Chris Fisher.

A reunification center for families unable to contact their loved ones was opened at the campus’s North Hall, Clark County Fire Chief John C. Steinbeck said at an afternoon news conference. 

A federal law enforcement official told CBS News the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were responding and offering assistance with the investigation to the metropolitan police.

UNLV will remain closed for the week, and additional determinations will be made about whether it will reopen on Monday, university police chief Adam Garcia said at the evening news conference.

President Biden addressed the shooting in a statement Wednesday and called for measures to address “the epidemic of gun violence we face.”

“Just hours ago, the University of Nevada at Las Vegas became the latest college campus to be terrorized by a horrific act of gun violence,” Mr. Biden said in the statement, in which he also addressed shooting deaths in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.  
“For all the action we have taken since I’ve been President, the epidemic of gun violence we face demands that we do even more. But we cannot do more without Congress,” Mr. Biden wrote while urging Republican lawmakers to help pass an assault weapons ban and universal background checks, among other measures.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman called the news “tragic and heartbreaking.” 

“Praying for everyone on campus as law enforcement responds to the situation,” she wrote.

University president Brian Sandoval said this was “an unimaginably sad and shocking day for our entire state.”

“We send our deepest sympathies and our thoughts are with the families of the multiple victims of this terrible tragedy. Today and in the days to come we are all Rebels,” Sandoval wrote on social media.

Pat Milton and Andy Triay contributed reporting from

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