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The music world is a precarious spot to track down yourself. You might wind up in the limelight for the most trifling of things or for every one of some unacceptable reasons. There are, be that as it may, the individuals who have taken in the specialty of exploring these stages. For example, taking Tameka Cottles‘ Ex-accomplice Zonnie Pullins, he has all around dominated this craftsmanship. This makes one wonder, who is Zonnie Pullin? Furthermore, what is he prestigious for? Stay with this article, and you will have an unmistakable thought by and by.

Who is Zonnie Pullin?

Nicknamed Zebo, Zonnie Pullins is an American public of African American plunge. He remains at the level of 5 ft 6inches and weighs around 57 kilograms. He has dull earthy colored eyes and earthy colored hair. Zonnie Pullin is 50 years of age and was brought into the world on May sixteenth, making his zodiac sign Virgo.

What is Zonnie Pullin’s Net Worth?

His Net worth is assessed to be somewhat more than $1 Million. The essential wellspring of his pay is supposed to be his business transporter.

For what reason is Zonnie Pullin Well known?

Zonnie Pullins, otherwise known as Zebo, is famous for being the natural dad of Zonnique Pullins. Zonnique was brought into the world on Spring twentieth 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the girl of American artist lyricist Tameka Cottle, also known as Little. Her notoriety is authenticated mainly to the way that she is the step-girl of popular rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., ordinarily known as T.I. Notwithstanding, her ability is undeniable from a group of vocalists and performers. Under the direction of her mom, she was important for the young lady bunch OMG Girlz framed in 2009. After the gathering’s disbandment in 2015, she went into her independent transporter, delivering her most memorable single highlighting Youthful Hooligan Sister Free of charge. She delivered Can’t Confide in Em, Champ and Most obviously awful Friday.

Zonnique net worth is $500,000.

Were Zonnie and Little Wedded?

Despite the fact that it’s anything but a verifiable truth, Zonnie was likewise a notorious vocalist some time ago. In his artist days, he presumably met Little, who was likewise in media outlets. They have initially met during one of Little’s singing shows with her gathering Xscape. She experienced passionate feelings for his charm started off their relationship. Albeit the pair dated for quite a while, they never got hitched.

After they were honored with their little girl, everything appeared all good, yet they couldn’t deal with the relationship in a couple of years and headed out in a different direction. It is, notwithstanding, accepted that Minuscule moved in with T.I when Zonnie was in jail.

Who is Zonnie Hitched To?

After he headed out in different directions from his ex-accomplice Tameka, Pullins got into a relationship with his now-spouse Cheryl Redmond. The double has two children, Zonnie Jr. also, Zoey Pullins together. Zonnie’s significant other Cheryl is a Four year certification graduate in software engineering from Georgia Southern College. After her graduation in 2002, she filled in as a Computer programmer II, making bill introductions for a considerable length of time till 2004. She then worked in Cox Correspondences as a Computer programmer, Examiner, Specialized Venture Chief, and Delivery Director, which collected to a sum of 12 long years till 2016. She has likewise worked for the InterContinental Lodgings Gathering as a ranking director.

Cheryl is likewise a Task The board Proficient permit holder functioning as a senior venture chief in Daugherty Business Arrangement.

Did Zonnie Abandon his Little girl?

In 2016 after war broke on the internet between his significant other Cheryl and his ex-accomplice Tameka Harris, Zonnie Pullins repudiated his little girl through a call where he requested that she erase his number and at no point ever attempted to reach him in the future.

What Caused the Family Internet War?

The battle began by Cheryl when T.I posted an excursion photograph with Zonnique and professed to possess Zonnie’s girl. It upset Cheryl how T.I assumed full praise for raising Zonnique. She further guaranteed that he wasn’t dealing with simply asserting the credit. This set off a response from Little, who reminded Cheryl that T.I had been dealing with Zonnique since she was 5 years of age and giving all that she wanted. From here, it went to the drains with Cheryl remarking on Minuscule’s looks and figure and how she looked faked after the medical procedure.

This disturbance incited Zonnique to support her mom. She delivered a directive for Zonnie and his significant other, guaranteeing they hadn’t done portion of what her mom and stepfather had.


Be that as it may, the connection among Zonnie and Zonnique endure the extreme fix, and they finished in a decent spot. They stay in contact through visits, the internet and calls.

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