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GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Green Bay Packers entered Sunday in position to earn the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs. They exited Sunday looking up at four teams in the race for the final playoff spot.

With their 34-20 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Packers (6-8) plunged from seventh place in the NFC to 11th. Eleventh also is where you’ll find the Packers in the latest NFL Draft order.

Updated 2023 NFC Playoff Standings

The good news: They own the tiebreakers with their victories over the No. 7 Rams and No. 8 Saints, and they’ll have a chance to avenge their loss to the No. 6 Vikings in two weeks. In the wide-open NFC, with one win separating the sixth-place Vikings and 11th-place Packers, a 9-8 final record could be good enough.

So long as they start winning again.

The bad news: They’re going to need to get on track and get some help over the next three weeks.

The Packers lost five in a row at one point before upsetting the Chargers, Lions and Chiefs in consecutive weeks. They’ll have to do it again at the Panthers and Vikings the next two weeks before hosting the Bears in the finale.

“That’s been this whole season,” said quarterback Jordan Love, whose two touchdowns weren’t nearly enough to counter Baker Mayfield’s four touchdowns. “There’s been so much adversity that we’ve had to battle through. Been highs, been lows, obviously going on a losing streak, being able to bounce back from that. It’s been tough, you know?

“But I think the one thing about the team is no one’s quitting. Guys are finding ways to battle, ways to get better, no one’s pointing fingers.”

Here are the standings.

1. San Francisco (11-3, leading NFC West; beat Cardinals)

2. Philadelphia (10-3; at Seahawks on Monday)

3. Detroit (10-4, leading NFC North; beat Broncos)

4. Tampa Bay (7-7, leading NFC South; beat Packers)

5. Dallas (10-4, lost to Bills)

6. Minnesota (7-7; lost to Cincinnati)

7. L.A. Rams (7-7; beat Commanders)

8. New Orleans (7-7; beat Giants)

9. Seattle (6-7; vs. Eagles on Monday)

10. Atlanta (6-8; lost to Panthers)

11. Green Bay: (6-8; lost to Buccaneers)

Latest 2024 NFL Draft Order

If the season were to end today, the Packers would own the 11th overall pick. They are one of three teams that are 6-8 and one of nine teams with five or six wins.

While the Packers won’t get the Jets’ first-round pick in the Aaron Rodgers trade, they will get their second-round pick. That’s penciled in at No. 37.

Here is the latest draft order from Tankathon.

1. Chicago (via Carolina, which is 2-12)

2. New England (3-11)

3. Arizona (3-11)

4. Washinton (4-10)

5. Chicago (5-9)

6. N.Y. Jets (5-9)

7. N.Y. Giants (5-9)

8. L.A. Chargers (5-9)

9. Tennessee (5-9)

10. Atlanta (6-8)

11. Green Bay (6-8)

12. Las Vegas (6-8)

13. Seattle (6-7)


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