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Michael Oher was born in Memphis, Tennessee on May 28, 1986. Denise Oher was an alcoholic and crack addict. Her father, Michael Jerome Williams, was frequently in prison when Oher was born. During his childhood, he received little attention or discipline because of his upbringing. During his first nine years as a student, he repeated both first and second grades and attended eleven different schools. At seven, they placed him in foster care. He spent time in various foster homes and on the streets. Oher’s biological father, who was a former cellmate of Denise Oher‘s brother and was murdered in prison. Oher was a senior in high school, was a former cellmate of Denise Oher’s brother.

Guardianship of Oher

Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy took in a young Michael Oher when he was 16, and the Tuohys became Oher’s legal guardians when he was 17. They hired a tutor for Oher, who worked with him for 20 hours a week on schoolwork. Oher began playing football in his freshman year of high school at a Memphis public high school. Oher shone in football during his junior year. In 2003, Oher was named Division II Lineman of the Year and First Team All-State in Tennessee. In addition, he received two letters in track and basketball. Oher was the starting left tackle on the varsity football team by the start of his senior year. As a senior, he finished second in the state discus competition. Oher’s low grades were initially a barrier to his acceptance to an NCAA programme, but he eventually increased his 0.76 GPA to a 2.52 GPA in order to attend a Division 1 school. 

College Career

In his first season with the Ole Miss Rebels Oher began in ten games as a guard. He soon became an all-American first-ever freshman. And also All-American teams since he took the position of left tackle for the 2006 season. Oher also thrived at Ole Miss in academia. His tested IQ scoring increased by 30 points between his growth and his university measurements.

In his fantastic year, he made the honor roll. Oher declared he would leave school in January 2008 to enter the draught NFL in 2008. However, just two days later he announces his retirement from the draught to return for his senior year to Ole Miss. Following the 2008 season, they unanimously recognized Oher recognized as the All-American first team and made his honorary career his second time. In the spring of 2009, he completed a diploma in Criminal Justice. With more than a dozen prizes and prestigious honors, he left his college football career.

Professional Career

Oher was already one of the top prospects for the 2009 NFL draft before he graduated. In the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens made Oher the 23rd choice. Thereafter, in exchange for the first and fifth-round draught picks, the Ravens had photographed the New England Patriots. His family of adopters, the Tuohys, could witness his choice of the day. He signed a five-year contract with Ravens, $13.8 million, on 30 July 2009. It began the 2009 season in the right direction.  But after an injury to the liner, Jared Gaither was taken to the left, and Oher was returned to the correct position in 8 weeks’ time.

Michael Oher Net Worth

 Michael Oher is an offensive American football player with a net value of $16 million. Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw were featured in Oher’s personal story in the Academy Award-winning film “The Blind Side.” Quinton Aaron played the role of Michael. A 4-year $20 million contract between Oher and Tennessee Titans was signed in March 2014. On December 13, when it missed two previous games because of a headache, he began eleven games for the Titans and was placed on wounded reserve. In 2014, Pro Football Focus named him the 74th best tack of 78. On February 5, 2015, the Titans released Oher.

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