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Former sheriff’s deputy Jaylen Fleer, 29, got a 12-year jail term for having intercourse with youthful females and reaching many others for sex. He entered requests of blameworthy to 20 crime and wrongdoing violations, including mailing unsafe material to a youngster and taking part in sexual activities with a kid.


Following a Chula Vista Police Department investigation ignited by a tip from San Diego District Wrongdoing Plugs, Fleer was caught in May 2020. Specialists found that Fleer had a few sex experiences with a 14-year-old young lady she had met on the web. Furthermore, he attempted to organize sex dates with two different young ladies, 12 and 13, by reaching out to them. The indictment objection likewise named a fourth casualty, a 14-year-old.


Fleer sent photographs of himself in his uniform to a few of the people in question and was open about the way that he functioned as a sheriff’s deputy. He additionally asked them to welcome their companions and gave them cash. In excess of 40 young ladies who recognized as minors were reached by Fleer, as per the arraignment, albeit not every one of them could be confirmed or followed.


Fleer worked in the prison and court administrations division for the Sheriff’s Office for over five years. Following the charges, he was downgraded to work area obligations and eliminated from his situation. Subsequent to being moved, he was not in touch with the general population while working.

As indicated by a proclamation from the Sheriff’s Department, it takes cases of criminal conduct by its staff incredibly genuinely and holds its delegates to the best standards. Furthermore, it expressed that it totally helped out the request and that Fleer’s deputy obligations had nothing to do with the wrongdoings.

Fleer’s legal counselor, David Shapiro, expressed that his client had gotten a sense of ownership with his lead and trusted that the people in question and their families would feel some help because of his blameworthy requests. He said that Fleer had eagerly taken part in a treatment program to ensure he at absolutely no point in the future imperiled himself or others.

Nonetheless, Fleer was a hunter who searched out little kids and exploited their weaknesses, as indicated by Deputy Lead prosecutor Jalyn Wang. She guaranteed that he cast an exceptionally wide net and tried to interface with however many little kids as he could. She added that the casualties were worried about the outcomes of cautioning a policing.

Where is Jaylen Fleer Now

Jaylen Fleer, a former deputy with the San Diego Sheriff’s Office, is as of now serving a 12-year prison term for sexually manhandling kids, including a 9-year-old young lady, during an investigation that brought about various charges being brought against him. Fleer, who was 28 years of age at the hour of his capture, worked for the Sheriff’s prison framework in the prison administrations and court administrations divisions.

Following his conviction and delivery from jail, Fleer was given a trial period. At the point when tips were given to San Diego Province Wrongdoing Plugs in April 2020, Chula Vista police sent off an investigation that eventually prompted Fleer’s capture.

Fleer lost his employment with the Sheriff’s Department because of the investigation. He then, at that point, entered a liable supplication to all charges in court, showing no regret for his deeds and making everybody in the room uncomfortable and unglued about his absence of feeling during the procedures.

As the repercussions of his activities begin to torment Fleer, who was given a government prison sentence, he currently ends up cut off from society. This occurrence fills in as a sobering sign of the weighty punishments that the people who hurt the feeble, particularly youngsters, should bear. As well as considering those dependable responsible, our overall set of laws looks for equity for their sake.

Who is Jaylen Fleer’s Better half

Former deputy sheriff Jaylen Fleer is said to have been hitched, albeit little is had some significant awareness of his better half or their current circumstance. Given his conviction for kid misuse and the going with 12-year jail sentence, it is obscure whether a separation will occur from here on out.

Such a horrendous occurrence might significantly affect a marriage, oftentimes making tight elements and requiring lawful division. Given the circumstances, all things considered, his better half might choose to start a separation or other legitimate activities. Without exact data on Jaylen Fleer’s better half and their objectives, the points of interest of their relationship and any potential legitimate activities are as yet unclear.

The conditions encompassing Jaylen Fleer’s marriage act as a grave wake-up call of the harming impacts that criminal behavior might have on relational connections. It points out the difficulties that the impacted people face and the requirement for legitimate and everyday encouragement during such difficult times.


Fleer showed no regret or said something during the condemning hearing. The most extreme penalty permitted by the request understanding was 12 years in jail, which Judge Ana Espana gave him. She likewise mandated that he register as a deep rooted sex guilty party and shun speaking with any of the people in question.


Q1. What is Jaylen Fleer’s name?

Ans: Jaylen Fleer, a former official with the San Diego Province Sheriff’s Office, was allowed a 12-year jail term for engaging in sexual relations with underage young ladies.

Q2. How could he be found?

Ans: A report from San Diego Province Wrongdoing Plugs incited the Chula Vista Police Department to send off an investigation, and thus, he was secured.

Q3. What number of individuals did he deceive?

Ans: He reached in excess of 40 females who recognized as minors on person to person communication stages, and he had four casualties who were affirmed to be between the ages of 12 and 14.

Q4. How could he treat his casualties?

Ans: He offered them cash, had intercourse with them, sent them pictures of himself in his uniform, urged them to bring their companions, and participated in sex acts with them.

Q5. What was his judgment and penalty?

Ans: He got a 12-year state prison term, a lifetime sex guilty party enrollment necessity, and a no-contact request from the people in question.

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