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In case you ever find yourself homeless because of natural disasters or financial hardships, where can you go? For most people, they would move in with their friends or family. Others would consider living in storage unit that they’ve rented out to keep their items.

Typically, storage units are far much cheaper to rent than an apartment. Because of this, many people consider moving into these units when they realize that they don’t have a roof over their heads. Statistics indicate that the most desperate and homeless people only think of living in a storage unit since they don’t have another option. While this is not a common occurrence, it does happen. But the question is—can you live in a storage unit?

Read on to find out more.

It’s illegal and you risk facing jail time

While the legal ramifications vary, all the states across the United States have banned people from living in storage units. The main purpose of a storage unit is to keep your items safe and in a good condition. That’s the reason why storage facilities are not zoned for residential living, and they don’t meet the set housing codes. Therefore, living in a storage unit is against the health, sanitization, and safety codes, and this can put you and the storage facility provider in serious legal problems.

Depending on the contract of your storage unit, being in the facility past a set time of operation qualifies as trespassing. This offense is very serious and can lead to your contract being annulled. Thus, you can be evicted from the unit, which can cause serious inconveniences.

Uncomfortable living conditions

Some people argue that it’s possible to convert your storage unit into a home. However, that’s not possible at all. Yes, you might have electricity inside the unit, and even furnish it. However, it’s not a good experience to live in a storage unit. This can be worse during the winter season when cold weather comes in. Because most of these units are not insulated, you risk freezing when living inside the unit.

Moreover, storage units are not large enough for someone to live comfortably. So, when you stay in the unit, it means that you will not have the space to move around or separate the living area from the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Further, the lack of running water inside the facility means poor sanitation. The lack of natural light, on the other hand, can create a suffocating environment, which can have negative effects on your mental health. What you need to understand is, a living in a storage unit presents undesirable living conditions, as well as serious health concerns.

You put your life at a big risk

The experts from Toronto mobile storage Moving say that most storage units are not climate controlled. That means these units can capture unbearable freezing conditions during the winter and extreme heat during the summer. This, in turn, puts anyone living in the unit at a serious risk of hypothermia and hyperthermia, which are very fatal.

Moreover, these units don’t have windows, and the doors are designed to be opened and locked from the outside. This also presents a serious ventilation problem. Moreover, a very minor case of fire outbreak can become deadly in a matter of minutes. The lack of ventilation in storage containers can increase the risk caused by environmental hazards. Thus, any form of chemical fumes or spills can put you at serious risk. Lastly, breathing your own carbon dioxide has negative effects on your health.

Other alternatives

Most people who risk living in storage units do so because they are homeless or they want to save on their rent. But, saying that you cannot live in a storage unit doesn’t mean that you are out of options. However, it’s not a good option to live in a storage unit, whether or not you don’t have other options.

But, we have some good news. Regardless of your current position in life, there are other better living arrangements available, and these will keep you safe and healthy. Moreover, you will not be breaking any law when living in these facilities.

The following are some of the best alternatives to living in a storage unit:

  • Shelters – mostly, shelters are run and managed by nonprofits and charities. These facilities are for homeless people, who cannot afford to own a home. Thus, you should look for some of these facilities in your state, as they offer good living conditions.
  • Government housing – the government builds subsidized housing for people who don’t have a home because they have low income or unemployed. So, you can visit your government’s website to check the affordable housing options available.

Bottom Line

Living in a storage unit not only risks your health, but it also risks you getting arrested. Besides, these units have unpleasant living conditions, which can cause permanent damage to your physical and mental health.

So, if you ever find yourself faced with the option of living in a storage unit, kindly notify a friend or a family member. Today, we have systems in place to help people in your position. All, in all, you should never think of living in a storage unit, no matter your situation.

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