How to play Infinite Craft unblocked

play Infinite Craft unblocked
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There’s no greater obstacle to gamers than their real-life responsibilities, with work and school being the two biggest culprits. As if the never-ending grind wasn’t bad enough on its own, sometimes these institutions block access to our favorite browser games, including Infinite Craft.

The beauty of Infinite Craft, a game in which you combine basic elements to create anything and everything, is that it can be played in any browser—that is, as long as your access isn’t restricted on the work or school network you’re playing on. Your ability to play Infinite Craft may depend on the rules and restrictions of the network you’re connected to.

But if your access has been blocked, here are some ways you can try and play Infinite Craft unblocked. Like some streaming and video sites, you might find Infinite Craft hard to access. Screenshot by Dot Esports Many schools and businesses have their own in-house networks.

At schools, especially at the high school level, these networks restrict a number of sites that allow students to play games so those students on laptops or official school computers can stay focused on learning. Several businesses might do the same, so employees aren’t tempted to slack off and play games while on the clock. But there are a couple of ways around these network restrictions that should let you play Infinite Craft unblocked:

Playing on a Google Sites page Using a VPN Somehow adding the Infinite Craft to the list of allowed sites Play Infinite Craft through Google Sites / Classroom 6x Classroom 6x is a webpage created through the free webpage creation tool Google Sites featuring thousands of web-based or flash-based games that the site claims can make it past any blocking software at work or school. From the Infinite Craft page on the Classroom 6x site, click “Play on Classroom 6x” and the full version of the game will open with a URL that just says “about:blank.” Not only should this allow you to play Infinite Craft unblocked, it also saves your progress and remembers all the recipes you’ve crafted.

Use a VPN While I’m not recommending you pay for a VPN just to play Infinite Craft (though you can if you want to), it should be able to bypass most work or school network restrictions. VPNs are the most commonly recommended tool for getting past restrictive networks. There are a couple of free options you can consider like Proton, browser-based VPNs like the built-in Opera one, or one of several Chrome extension VPNs.

Paid VPNs like NordVPN offer more options and features, but it’s up to you if you want to spend money on a VPN just to play Infinite Craft. If neither option works, and your carefully orchestrated plan of sneaking onto a computer with admin access and denoting the website as an exception to the blocker doesn’t pan out, I’m sorry to say you may have to spend some time working or learning.

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