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Figure out how to check balance on Telkom (information and airtime) from this article. Work on your experience on this organization by keeping away from sudden information or airtime depletion when you really want the web the most. Knowing how to check Telkom information balance assists you with seeing when groups or airtime are practically running out and purchase more on schedule.

The web has empowered mechanical progression amazingly. Be that as it may, for you to get to the web, you really want information groups. The organization has incredible proposals for you that are adaptable to accommodate your pocket and various requirements. In any case, once more, you want to monitor the Telkom information use balance, which gets one more question of how to check the information balance Telkom organization.

The most effective method to check information balance on Telkom

While utilizing your information, realizing your balance is fundamental. Assuming you wonder how you can get to realize your information balance, follow any of these Telkom balance-checking strategies:

1. My Telkom administration

You can check your web use on the consistently intuitive My Telkom client site. Sign in or make or register on the off chance that you don’t have a record on that site. On the other hand, view your ongoing SIM use without signing in or making a record. Guarantee you are connected to the web by means of cell phone information, an area of interest, or a switch.


The stage empowers Telkom clients in South Africa to deal with their web use. To partake in this astounding proposition, you want a record. From that point onward, visit Telkom SA’s site and get to sign in. In the event that you could have missed or forgotten your login subtleties, here are straightforward ways of aiding you on the equivalent:

  • Open the informing application on your phone.
  • Type the secret word as the message content.
  • Send the message to 0123210215.
  • Your secret phrase will be shipped off your line immediately.

3. My Telkom versatile application

The My Telkom versatile application is promptly accessible in the Google Play Store for Android clients and the Apple Store for iPhone clients. Once you download the application, register to open a help account.

On the off chance that you as of now have a record, feel free to sign in to see your balance. In the event that you don’t recollect your login subtleties, just reset the record, and you will quickly get new record subtleties by means of your email.

4. Using USSD code

You can likewise check your balances utilizing the USSD strategy. That’s what to accomplish, dial *188#. The balance will be shown on your screen in practically no time.

5. The 1VR menu

You can check your information utilizing IVR (Intuitive Voice Response). That’s what to do, you really want to take your phone, dial 188 and press the call button. Once you have called, the voice menu will guide you to the information check option.

The most effective method to check Telkom LTE information balance

  • Dial Telkom information balance check code *188# and press Send. Your LTE information balance will be shown on the screen.
  • On the other hand, send a clear SMS to 188. You will accept your Telkom LTE information balance through an instant message.

The most effective method to check airtime balance on WhatsApp

You can now check Telkom airtime and information balance without a code. Other than the typical approaches to checking airtime balance utilizing USSD Code and portable application, there is a new and fascinating WhatsApp technique.

You really want a smartphone and web groups to download and introduce WhatsApp on your phone. Subsequent to doing that, this is the way to check airtime on Telkom through WhatsApp:

  • Save the versatile number 0811601700 on your contact list.
  • Revive WhatsApp contacts, and you can visit with a client care specialist.
  • Request your airtime balance.
  • Client care will respond to you promptly with the balance.

It is vital to realize that the number you enlisted for your WhatsApp account must be your Telkom line for you to utilize this help.

What is the code for Telkom information?

Dial Telkom balance check USSD code *188#, and press Send (the call button on your phone).

What number to call to check your balance on Telkom?

Call 188, send a clear SMS to 188, dial *188#, or demand your Telkom airtime/information balance information through WhatsApp number 0811601700.

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