eSports – How to Start?

By Muhammad Azaan Sep14,2023
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If you are someone who loves games and sports, surely you have considered or heard of eSports, haven’t you? Many video games have a successful career in eSports. You can now fulfill your dream and build a profitable career in the eSport industry.

How to start?

Before you start joining video game competitions or enter the world of eSports, there are some things you should keep in mind:

Gain experience

Experience can help in any field. Before you start enrolling your name in competitions, make sure you have enough practice. It is important to understand how to go about it. Find out the entry fee. To have a successful career in eSports, you need to play several matches, not all of which you will win. The more competitions you take part in, the more experience you will gain. This also helps in building important contacts. You will learn about sponsors, organization owners, social media platforms, and a lot more about how esports works. Will need to keep in touch with several people once you begin playing eSports. You will need to keep in touch with all the people that operate, play, and regulate eSports. If you want to start your esports career in card games then try starting with a simple Book of Dead slots.

Learn And explore

Playing eSports may look easy, but it is far from it. Just like in any other career, you will need to learn and train yourself. You will find yourself competing against experts once you enter the eSports championship. Prepare yourself and learn new techniques. You will also have to develop your tactics and moves that are exclusive to you so that other players cannot read them. Many games of expert video gamers can be streamed live. You can watch them played on videos as well will find some on different sites. Understand how they play and make up your strategies. Watch professional players in action and learn from them. This will help you improve your abilities.

One step at a time

Do not try to play and master all types of video games. Discover the genre of games you will play. You will need to focus on one category and ace it. Build your confidence and develop winning strategies. When you focus on one type of video game, it is easier for you to recruit the devices and equipment needed. Once you are ready with your set up, you can give your best and play to your full potential. Therefore, it is important to stick to one video game to become an expert.

Volunteer at an eSport camp

Esports camps often look for volunteers for different types of eSports jobs. Sometimes, these are paid internships. Sign up as a volunteer for a camp. You can apply for many positions as there are several eSports careers. Do not hold yourself back. At the camp, you can gain first-hand experience of how professional players work. When you enroll yourself in these camps, you will be able to work with professionals. During these extensive programs, you will train with former gamers who are experts in their fields. When you spend time in these camps, you will get a closer look at the eSport industry. You will understand how eSports organizations work.

Team up

If you are more into games that require a team, you will need to build some reliable contacts. Play games with your teammates and coordinate your movements. You will need to practice with the members of your team. It is even better if you join a team rather than build one. When you join a team, it is expected that there will be some players who have a considerable amount of expertise. Therefore, you can learn from them. Play with the same group of people and do not frequently change your team. It is important to find team members that you can trust and depend on.

Often stay online

To enhance your skills, you will need to spend a lot of time online. Not only will you practice your moves, but you should also see tutorials and learn about how the games are played. Visit different social platforms that offer gaming videos of professional players. This will help you discover the latest trends and the best eSports games in 2023.


Building a career in eSports is like building one in any other field. You will need to take care of your diet and get enough sleep. You should avoid playing for long hours without a break. Get enough sleep to give your mind a sufficient amount of rest. Exercise daily and spend some time away from the computer or gaming console. Educate your parents about how the eSport industry works so that they can support you and help you land your dream job. Video Games are no longer a waste of time as gamers can earn a living with the help of eSports.

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