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Thanks to computer games, learning does not have to be a boring activity anymore. Nowadays, there is a great variety of educational games to play that can be a great way to spend time. Moreover, they help advance your knowledge of many subjects and benefit a number of specific skillsets. Whether you want to learn to program, improve your reaction speed, or simply gain a comprehensive knowledge of physics, mathematics or history – all your needs will be met, just note that now you can turn to modern learning. You may be surprised, but studies show that learning new things by playing games is more effective than just binging on books! This is certainly great news for anyone who loves playing and shows why educational games are important. Surely, even those that do not necessarily describe themselves as being educational games have benefits in their own right.  

Esports-oriented games can improve hand-eye coordination and reaction speed, while being incredibly fun. Online casino games for an older audience help improve knowledge in higher mathematics. The process of calculating and applying formulas is most relevant to blackjack and poker games. Sites such as online casino Australia provide a complete list of such games. In this article, we will list our top educational video games for adults and students alike, so you can start enjoying them today.

The Best Educational Games for Adults and Students

●       Infinifactory

If you like solving puzzles, then you’ll love Infinifactory. The game has lovely graphics and a wide variety of puzzles. It takes quite some trial and error to get there, but that is great for giving your mind a nice workout. After completing a level, you can create a gif and share your results with friends on social media. The level of difficulty varies, but each completion will reward you with a feeling of accomplishment.

●       Kerbal Space Program

Space travel has gotten quite some media coverage after Elon Musk voiced his plans of getting humans to Mars. If engineering and rocket mechanics are something you would like to know more about, Kerbal Space Program will be right up your alley. The game teaches orbital dynamics and rocket design fundamentals in an accessible manner. Currently, NASA is working on a mission pack to include in the game to add to the already wide variety of levels. A great feature is that you can mod and change almost every single aspect of it to your liking. The sandbox model will provide you with hours of smart entertainment!

●       TIS-100

The coding industry is an incredibly lucrative business these days. If you ever wanted to get into the topic, why not learn with TIS-100? It is a fun puzzle game aimed at coders and beginning enthusiasts. A never-ending sandbox creation mode ensures that you can have fun while replaying the game over and over without it becoming repetitive. There is also a competitive aspect to keep you motivated: a scoreboard allows users to compare their results and find out who is the best of the best.

●       Minecraft: Education Edition

You may have already heard of Minecraft because of its staggering popularity in the gaming community. The Education edition takes things further when it comes to the learning process of programming and creativity. One builds the structures out of cubes and can come up with some pretty advanced designs. It is immersive and can provide long-lasting fun for all ages. Amongst educational games, reviews show that this is certainly a community favorite.

●       Money Mavericks

Money Mavericks is an educational game on how to be smart with financial decisions. It is aimed at students rather than grown-ups. The player goes through a variety of made-up scenarios that deal with making buying decisions and then sees how they play out. This includes buying cars, getting insurance, starting a business, saving for retirement, and other important things that need to be learned before entering adult life. It is a great game to learn financial issues in an entertaining way.

●       Typing of the Dead: Overkill

This is a rather exotic learning game that is geared to teach people to improve their typing efficiency in a hack and slash scenario. While the graphics do not reinvent the wheel, the app certainly has its use if you want to become faster on your keyboard. Typing of the Dead will teach you to get better at typing in a fun and quirky way.

●       Human Resource Machine

Human Resouce Machine is one of the must-plays in this list. The game has a unique appeal with its cute and cartoony graphics, as well as its great soundtrack. Through a variety of levels, one learns the basic mechanics of assembly code and develops critical thinking skills. It features the options to speed up or slow down the game according to your individual needs. Be sure to try it out!

●       Portal 2

Portal 2 is a fantastic example that shows why educational games can be exceptional. Even if we take the learning aspects out of the equation, Portal 2 is an aesthetic marvel. The graphics are stunning and are sure to keep you peeled at your screen. In the game, one has to solve a variety of three-dimensional puzzles to advance in the storyline. They are both engaging and challenging in equal measure. This is our absolute favorite educational game — a unity of breathtaking visuals and challenges to keep your neurons firing on all cylinders.

We hope that you enjoyed our list of educational games. These are the picks we love, and we guarantee that they will provide you with tons of fun experiences. What are your top educational games to play at home? We are excited to hear about your favorites. Please share them in the comments below!

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