Earning on Vacation: How to Relax and Make Money

By Seerat Fatima Sep13,2023
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Thanks to the internet, earning money remotely is a luxury that more and more people are taking advantage of. Even on vacation, there are options to keep making extra income without laborious efforts. These may vary according to your skillsets, inclinations, and time commitment possibilities. However, earning extra money online is not as daunting as it can be made out to be by naysayers. As long as you have an internet connection, the world is your oyster. It just takes a little effort, dedication, and the will to make it happen. After all, many people make a living with remote jobs. Why shouldn’t you be one of them? Let us show you how you can start to make money while being on vacation.

Methods of Earning Money While Travelling

Searching the Internet

Are you great when it comes to using search engines to find stuff online? The good news is that this skill can be turned into money. Two companies recruit people to complete various online tasks — Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The assignments you get paid for include surveys, using search engines, watching videos, and more. Both firms offer bonuses if you just sign up. While this method is unlikely to get you the big bucks, it can be great for earning easy money on the side, with no strings attached.

Teaching Online

If you are good at something, tutoring other people online can be a nice option. It is a fantastic way of earning money for college students, as they can double the use of a subject they study. Considering the wide reaches of the internet, you are likely to find people interested in learning even the most niche subjects. Don’t worry if you don’t have any special skills to pass on. It might seem mundane, but simply teaching English can be incredibly lucrative. Some online companies that offer good hourly rates for freelance English tutors are Qkid and VIP Kid, and SayABC. Some of these require tutors to be enrolled in college, but this may vary. Whatever the case, it is a handy option when it comes to earning money for students or travelers.

Selling on eBay or Amazon

Many people are surprised to find out that many items listed on Amazon are not being sold by companies firsthand. They are just added by middlemen who drop-ship the products from third parties. This means that people find suppliers around the web, list their produced goods at an increased price, and enjoy passive profits. When an order is placed, the information is passed on to the suppliers, and they take care of all shipping and customer support issues. Essentially, this is earning money without a job. It is flipping items. This can be incredibly profitable if your listed products take off. Selling stuff on eBay or Amazon is worth a try, as it can be a great way to make extra money without too much effort.

Filling out Surveys

Some online companies will pay you simply for giving them your opinion on various topics. While this may sound fishy, it works. How? The conducted surveys are carried out by online market research companies employed by big brands. These rely on finding out information on things like current trends, personal preferences, and so on. To start making money by filling out surveys, check out Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, and SwagBucks Surveys.

Selling Your Travel Pictures

If you have a good eye for taking beautiful pictures, a great way of making money and traveling is to sell photos. Depending on where you are and other varying factors, sites pay freelance photographers as high as $100 per item. Shutterstock and iStock, on the other hand, pay photographers royalties every time someone downloads their uploaded picture. This means that there is no cap for how much you can make with one pic. If you collect a respectable portfolio over time, it may translate into continuous earnings in the form of monthly royalties. If you are wondering how to make money fast – a push of the camera trigger is as quick as it gets.

Freelance Writing

If you have a way with words, why not try making money through freelance writing? Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are good options to start. You can find small gigs to take on and earn extra cash while you are on vacation. Alternatively, try to find clients on social media groups that are created exclusively for freelance writing opportunities. It must be said that the competition is fierce, and it is best to have a portfolio; otherwise, it can be tough to get jobs quickly.

Renting Your House

If you have a vacation planned and know the exact dates that you will be out of the house, you could put it up for short-term rent. Airbnb and HomeAway specialize in exactly this. If you are okay with renting your home to people, you will likely find someone to rent it out to. People are constantly traveling and looking for alternatives to hotels and hostels. Check out the prices for listings in your area and keep yours a little bit lower to increase your chances of success.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Every online business usually has a team of people who take care of orders, customer service, and inventory tracking. This team is often comprised of virtual assistants. Becoming one does not require many skills, and the necessary ones can be learned fairly quickly from online tutorials on YouTube. Virtual assistants are always in demand, and the job vocation lends itself to working remotely from anywhere in the world. This means that you could be spending time overlooking the ocean while handling customer care. That sounds pretty good to us!


Earning money from blogging is another great way to supplement your income while you are abroad. Granted, getting a blog running and making it profitable through ad placements takes some time. You won’t be rich in seconds, but if you invest some time into your blog, it could pay off in the long run. Successful blogs can bring you a million dollars annually, and we are talking about niche blogs. This means that you can turn a thing you love into a profitable website that can make you money on a regular basis, simply by putting your knowledge and opinions out into the world!

Local Vacation Jobs

In case you need some quick cash while on holiday, vacation jobs are a tried and true method to make ends meet. Simple jobs such as washing dishes, helping out in a local market, bar, and the like can earn you some extra money abroad. Depending on where you find yourself and whether you speak the language, you may even stumble on more advanced job opportunities.

Delivering Food

These days, a thing called the “gigging economy” is rapidly increasing in popularity. Apps such as Instacart offer services that allow users to pick out items from a grocery shop and get them delivered by freelance employees. You just need to download an app. Instacart is not the only option; many other services follow the same principle. If working on a holiday, most foreign countries have their versions of food delivery apps. It’s a great opportunity to make extra cash while you are on vacation, and the hourly rates are usually pretty good.

Selling Arts and Crafts

If you are into making arts and crafts, you could sell your creations from any location in the world. Online stores such as Etsy have a massive amount of traffic on their website and specialize in selling all types of handcrafted things. From paintings to jewelry and miscellaneous items such as seashells and feathers, anything goes. It is an excellent way of earning money by using a phone only. Just upload your goods, get your orders in, and then send them out. Simple and fun!

We hope that you get some ideas on how to earn money while traveling. A little effort in finding a niche that is suited for you will go a long way. We wish you the best of luck in this quest. If you have any tips or insights on this topic, please share them in the comments below. We are keen to hear your thoughts!

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