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Your prescription glasses changes too frequently. Or you break your glasses almost every 6 months. Breaking glasses, losing glasses, eye prescription change is all a common occurrence, but taking out time for buying glasses is a hassle. You are not always free to update your glasses or replace your glasses when you lose one. As much as glasses are a necessity, taking out time for them is difficult.

You need to schedule an eye test, then choose frames and then get them made. When they are ready go and collect them. If you are a picky person, you will take much more time trying out glasses. Many times you cannot find the right fit for yourself. You scourge glasses store after store to find the best pair that will match you. All this takes a lot of time.

Times have changed and you don’t have to go store after store to look for glasses. You can simply browse the online catalogue of glasses and order glasses online. Online shopping for prescription glasses has made it much easier and time-saving for you.

1.  Convenience

Shopping online is convenient. Be it clothes, shoes, groceries or prescription glasses. You can buy prescription & non-prescription glasses online with a simple click. If you have a prescription or you remember your prescription, you can simply update the prescription and get glasses made with the prescription. You just have to choose the glasses frames and be done with buying your new glasses pair. You have to wait for a few days and you can get glasses at your doorstep. It is very convenient in comparison to the older way of buying glasses.

With the current pandemic scenario, it is not wise to go out of the house needlessly. Also, taking time out of a hectic schedule is asking for too much. You can browse glasses online during your break time. It does not take much time for you to browse a few pages, make a decision and place an order.

2.  Ease of making a decision

It is much easier to make a worthy decision while shopping online than offline. While buying glasses in-store, your decision making is affected by how much time you have in your hand as well as the recommendation of the salesperson.

While shopping online, your decision is not influenced by these factors. You can research for a long time. Know what you need to buy nad you buy just that.

You can compare prices from other sites and get whatever fits your budget or requirement. Have many options, not just those from one seller but every seller online. You have an easy time making a decision on your choice of glasses.

3.  Trying out glasses

To make your decision-making process easier, glasses sellers have come with many methods to replace physically trying out glasses. You buy glasses after trying them out. Check if they fit your face or they match your style. Online, you can only choose frames by seeing a few pictures of the glasses. You have no idea how they might look on your face.

There is a virtual try-on where you can virtually try the glasses. You can match the glasses with your face and look if they are great on your face.

Another method is a 180-degree view of glasses on a model. You can check the glasses from all angles and know how they look when someone wears them.

You can even get your glasses delivered as fast as the next day. Specscart offers 24-hour dispatch of glasses. Order glasses online and get the glasses delivered to your doorstep within the same day. If you have an urgent need for glasses you do not have to wait too long. Just click and place an order and wait for your glasses delivery.

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