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You are busy every day with work. Most days it is office work, then it is family responsibilities or this work or that work. There’s no end to it. You are entrapped in a never-ending loop of work. Every waking hour you are sorting out your to-do list. And when you stop to take a breath, it’s your health issues. With ageing, your health is a major concern. Most importantly your eyes. Your eyes can become sensitive because of age or excessive drinking or unhealthy lifestyle choices. You have a hard time because of sensitivity. You can not go out in the sun or do your favourite activities like binge-watching movies or games all day and night. With so much concern about eyes read below on how to take better care of your sensitive eyes.

1.  Wear sunglasses when going outside

Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sunlight. Your sensitive eyes will hurt because of exposure to light. Sunlight will make your eyes teary and red. You have a hard time opening your eyes under the sun. Wearing good quality sunglasses with polarised lenses will protect your eyes from the blazing sun. Get a UV 400 layer on your sunglasses. It will protect your eyes from UV rays. If you live in a high index UV region, then get these types of sunglasses for maximum protection.

Polarised sunglasses also give you a clear vision under the sun. You can see clearly and comfortably. You can use these glasses for driving during the daytime or bask in the sun on a beach.

2.  Regular eye test

Getting your eye tested regularly will ensure if your eyesight is getting deteriorated. You can get glasses accordingly to improve your vision. Also, getting a comprehensive eye test every two years can help you in finding out underlying diseases. You can diagnose your eye condition early and take appropriate action to cure your eyes.

Getting an eye test every once in a while can get expensive. With the NHS, you can avail free eye test. You can get your eye tested from Specscart for free. Opticians in Bury are very experienced and qualified. You can get your eye tested with no worries.

3.  Wear your glasses

If you have weak eyesight then wear your glasses. Trying to see without your glasses will strain your eyes. Your sensitive eyes will hurt more. Regular glasses without any coating will not give any protection to your sensitive eyes. You can try anti-glare glasses or blue light filter glasses to protect your eyes. Both the glasses provide you with a clean and clear vision. Anti-glare coating blocks the glare of the sun or flashes from the bright lights. You see clearly without seeing any starbursts or halos around the bright lights.

Blue light filter glasses on the other hand provide you with a strain-free vision. You can work on computers, watch movies or play games for long hours without getting eye strain or fatigue with these glasses. These glasses block blue lights and give you a comfortable vision.

There are transition glasses that are exceptionally good for sensitive eyes. Transition glasses transition into the dark shade when exposed to sunlight. By doing so, these protect your eyes from the harsh sun. You have comfortable vision wearing these glasses everywhere.

4.  Take necessary break

Sometimes the best solution for your problems is to take a break. Whether you are under too much stress, nothing is working out for you or your health is declining, taking a break can bring your life back on track. It is not a solution to your problems but a way to let loose and think about your solutions.

For your sensitive eyes as well, appropriate breaks are necessary. You can get sensitive eyes for a lot of reasons. Working on computers in spite of that can worsen your situation. By taking breaks in between work and not touching any kind of digital devices can relieve your eyes from eye strain. You will get less headache and eye problems by limiting your screen time and taking breaks in between.

5.  Healthy habits

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep most of the health issues away. It’s an obvious thing to say, but not many follow. By taking healthy food, not binge-watching, doing regular exercises can keep your eyes healthy. Drinking excessively, smoking is harmful to your eyes and can make your eyes sensitive.

Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your eyes healthy for long. If you have weak eyesight, you can do many eye-related yogas to keep your eyesight from deteriorating. Get eye tests regularly and get online spectacles of high-quality lenses that will give you clear vision as well as protect your eyesight.

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