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The San Francisco 49ers have been looking like the best team in the NFL for the last five weeks.

And now, their playoff seeding reflects that. The 49ers have officially become the No. 1 seed in the NFC after the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Dallas Cowboys. San Francisco needs to be giving Dallas their thanks. Without them, the 49ers are not in the position that they are in.

But this also would not have occurred had the 49ers not defeated the Eagles so easily last week. That win allowed the Cowboys to be in this situation to help the 49ers. You could also argue that the 49ers wore down the Eagles to make it an easier matchup for the Cowboys. Philadelphia did not look anywhere near like a playoff team as the Cowboys took them to the woodshed. 

As great as it is right now that the 49ers are the top seed, it doesn’t matter unless they maintain that when the regular season is over. In order for the 49ers to hold onto the No. 1 seed, they must win out. Another loss this season will give the Eagles, and now the Cowboys, a game up on them. And with only four games left in the season, the 49ers cannot afford a slip up. Luckily, their remaining schedule isn’t too taxing. 

Next week they head to Arizona to face the Cardinals, then come back home to host the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas Day. After that they have the Washington Commanders on the road and the Los Angeles Rams at home. The Ravens are by far the toughest matchup and where the 49ers could possibly lose. But the 49ers are riding some special momentum right now. 

I don’t think they will lose the rest of the way. They have been handling teams with so much ease and doing so in beatdown fashion since their Bye week. Even if the 49ers do lose a game, you have to wonder if the Eagles don’t start to lose a grip on their season now as well given how bad of a loss they suffered from the Cowboys. And you just never know with the Cowboys keeping up their surge as well.

I expect the 49ers to win out and hold onto the No. 1 seed to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs and a first-round Bye. 


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